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Buying the engagement ring for your engagement

In Spain, the average cost of wedding rings ranges from 500 to 1,000 euros for both; In the case of the engagement ring , the tradition (advertising and coming from the USA) says that 'the reasonable thing' is to invest in it the equivalent of two months of salary , although we have just seen that this rule is completely arbitrary, dictated for an advertising slogan.

The best time to buy an engagement ring and also some wedding rings is the period from June to August , coinciding with the time of greatest wedding celebration. The vast majority are engaged outside of that summer period. Jewelers remember that in those low seasons you can be more flexible with prices. It is preferable not to buy any ring before or during Christmas, since at that time they are very volatile and can even bend. 
Someone who is not a jewelry professional can easily be mistaken for a diamond, a white sapphire, a zirconia ... If we want to know that the diamond we are going to buy is, it is best to go to a jeweler who indicates it with his own instrumental. There are also some details that can make us suspicious: there are no diamond mines in Europe, so if they tell us that they come from a nearby country perhaps we should rethink it. Most diamonds are imported from Africa, Russia, and Brazil. It is advisable to look for the so-called ' Kimberley certificate ', where the traceability of our jewel will be reflected and which guarantees that it does not come from illegal exploitations.

As with gold , the price of diamonds also fluctuates. It is not about harassing and haggling the jeweler in our neighborhood, but going to one of the engagement ring exchanges that exist, although we warn you that the main ones are in London, New York, Tel Aviv and Antwerp; in Belgium, half of the world market is concentrated.It is advisable to start negotiating in the event that we are looking for something more than a carat , also taking into account that the alliance in which our stone is set is usually included in the price from a certain amount.
Another valid option is online shopping from retailers worldwide. There is a large catalog and prices up to 20% lower than in stores: perhaps the idea of ​​buying a 'loose' engagement ring facebook, without a ring, and looking for someone to create our ideal ring with it. In fact, the idea of designing our own ring, avoiding the brands, can also lower the cost.


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