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The most common way to process a wooden floor before applying a varnish is to sand it. It is needed mainly when we want to give it a new image or completely renew it. Before we start work, however, make sure that the floor is completely hardened and bonded with glue, and then prepare the appropriate tools that will bring the desired effect.

What do we polish?

Modern belt sanders are used for sanding wooden floor sanding. Such machines have an endless sanding belt system that rotates on the sanding and guide shaft. This solution has many advantages, including extended life of the belt, which does not heat up at high temperatures and is equipped with a self-cleaning system during grinding. Modern belt grinders have built-in suction systems, we call it dust-free grinding technology, they also give great opportunities to adjust the sanding belt and roller pressure. In turn, angle grinders are used to smooth edges, corners and hard-to-reach surfaces.


Of course. However, industrial parquet should be sanded at least five times, while plank floors only three times. If the boards do not stick to each other and the floor is bulged, the number of sanding steps should be increased up to six times.

 How do we grind?

A very important principle of proper surface grinding is also the selection of basic tools, including a grinding mesh, sleeves, self-adhesive discs and sanding papers, which should be used in the right order.Old varnish coating should be removed with materials of coarse graining until an even surface is obtained. In the next stages of the work, we remove the traces of the first grinding using tools with a grain size of two degrees smaller. Do not make too much jump between the sanding materials as this may adversely affect the appearance of the wooden floor sanding, causing rough or intermediate sanding scratches. Such damage may not be removable.

 We distinguish three stages of grinding.


In the first stage of grinding, we apply coarse-grained or medium-grained paper to the machine, setting the highest pressure level of the grinder. This is to even out the floor sanding surface, giving it the character of a uniform slab. Sanding should start from the corner of the room leading the drips to the course of the boards. Thanks to this, we will avoid too deep cutting of soft parquet or mosaic boards. The sander should be moved smoothly, at an even pace back and forth. In the place where we stop the equipment, there will be a rough section, which we will align by leading the device in the opposite direction, remembering to slightly lift the machine before each change of direction.



The next stage of grinding is to level hard-to-reach places such as the edges of the floor and corners. Above all, it is necessary to thoroughly vacuum the surface, and on the sander, reduce the pressure of the grinder to a medium level. On the other hand, the paper we assume should be of P80 grain. We must also remember about the appropriate setting of the machine - compensating grinding is usually performed at an angle of 90 degrees to the previous one. After finishing the surface leveling, you should check if there are no scratches and holes, which must be filled. This is very important, failure to do so will cause paint to build up in the gaps.



The final sanding is done to remove the last minor defects and prepare the floor for varnishing. We make it with fine-grained abrasive material and the direction of the grinding depends on the direction of the boards and the direction of the light. This is very important because at this stage you should sand along the wood grain and in the direction of the light. In order to enhance the sanding effect, the wooden floor sanding can be polished with a grinder or disc polisher.Summarizing today's article, remember that the most important rules for the best sanding results are: perfect cleanliness of the surface to be sanding, new and good quality sanding materials, ensuring that the sandpaper does not wear excessively, which could damage the surface, simple and smooth movements and the speed and pressure of the guided machine.

On the other hand, work related to polishing a wooden floor takes place after sanding the surface and sanding its edges. For this you should use a professional polisher, the task of which is to unify the surface in various directions.After completing all of the above-mentioned steps, you should determine the appropriate method of impregnation, i.e. varnishing, oiling or waxing the floor.


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