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Tiling : features and benefits

PVC floor tiles are widely used for flooring, which are characterized by an affordable cost, excellent performance and durability. The original appearance and simple way of laying pvc tiling on the floor makes this flooring popular for the arrangement of not only public premises, but also residential buildings. 

PVC floor tiles are widely used for flooring, which are characterized by an affordable cost, excellent performance and durability.

Features of PVC floor tiles

A distinctive feature of vinyl floor tiles is their moisture resistance, which allows them to be used in rooms with high levels of humidity. This property favorably distinguishes it from parquet, laminate and other types of cork floor coverings.Due to its moisture resistance, this flooring is resistant to mold and mildew. The tile covering consists of several layers, namely:

  • substrate;
  • main;
  • decorative;
  • protective.
  • It is available in square or rectangular shapes for easy installation and stylish designs. This is an artificial floor covering that is allowed to be laid in residential premises, since there is no release of substances harmful to human health.

    The main advantages of PVC tiles

    When laying, it is recommended to use a special glue for linoleum, the prices for which are quite acceptable, while ensuring good adhesion of the coating to the floor. The use of such an adhesive also ensures reliable adhesion of the flooring  tiling  to the floor, extending the service life.

    When choosing an adhesive, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition and safety, as well as the type of substrate. For laying flooring in residential premises, it is better to use an acrylic compound, which is characterized by the absence of a sharp unpleasant odor and environmental safety.

    The main benefits of vinyl floor tiles include:

  • quick and easy installation without the need to completely empty the room;
  • a wide range of colors;
  • fire safety;
  • undemanding care;
  • maintainability;
  • compatibility with warm floors.
    PVC floor tiles are widely used for flooring, which are characterized by an affordable cost, excellent performance and durability.
  • Thanks to the multilayer structure of the tiling , high resistance to mechanical damage, abrasion, deformation, etc. is guaranteed. Depending on the intended purpose, the tile covering is for residential buildings, public and commercial premises, and industrial facilities.

    Considering the method of fastening, the coating can be with a lock joint, self-adhesive and ordinary, which is fixed with special glue. For example, a self-adhesive material can be laid on an old floor, while providing a good hold and sound insulation.

    Despite a number of advantages and affordable cost of the coating, there are some disadvantages. Tiles can crack in freezing temperatures, especially when bent. You should buy the cover in a reliable store that offers products from trusted manufacturers.


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