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Children's bathroom | Accessories and decoration to make it perfect Bathroom Renovation

Although it may be curious to think about it, the best way for a place in the house to be used is for the environment to be liked by family members, and the same thing happens with the little ones.Adapting a bathroom for children is not excessively complicated, although you may want to go a step further and dedicate the space completely to them , so even the decoration will have to go accordingly. So, there are some basic concepts that we must take into account if we are going to use a Bathroom Renovation for children: decoration, furniture and security.

Decorating a bathroom for children can be the solution for them to lose the fear of going alone and begin to be independent in this regard. When a house has more than one bathroom, dedicating one to the little ones in the house is a good decision, so let's decorate It is important that the children's bathroom is a living place, so we must start with walls with bright and warm colors. An example is to paint the walls in different colors, without being load-bearing, so a good solution is to combine neutral and bright colors. Another alternative is to have colored tiles or, if we want to save and we already have them, paint the existing ones.

Although it may be curious to think about it, the best way for a place in the house to be used is for the environment to be liked by family

It can also be striking to create a thematic bathroom , so we can use vinyl stickers with your favorite characters and combine the above colors with these. All this will have to go with the Bathroom Renovation furniture.Let's talk about children's bathroom furniture . At this point, there are a lot of alternatives, from using adult bathroom furniture and adapting it for children's use to directly using furniture designed for them. This decision depends on each one, however, it is important to consider the period of use of the room.

Regarding the use of furniture designed especially for them, we must bear in mind that there are sinks and toilets of different colors and heights that can be perfectly combined with the decoration of the children's Bathroom RenovationAt The Bath we recommend that you take a look at our green Frogy children's sink , for example, or the children's WC or other small toilets . Another option is to decide to adapt the furniture to the use of children . There are stools that allow children to reach the toilet and sink safely. There are also ladders and adapting accessories for the toilet so that they can start using it without problems according to their size.

is important that, decorating how we decorate our bathroom, we take into account the safety of the little ones. Therefore, it is advisable to make use of furniture adapted to its use. By this we mean prioritizing rounded edges, for example, or in the case of using stools, that we put anti-slip on the floor. It also helps to provide the spaces that the little one has to climb on, for example, to reach the toilet, railings.Regarding complementary furniture, such as the mentioned stools or even baby bathtubs, we recommend that it be made of soft materials such as plastic or resin , depending on the piece of furniture. This will cushion any possible unforeseen fall.

Although it may be curious to think about it, the best way for a place in the house to be used is for the environment to be liked by family

It is also important to take safety measures when it comes to water consumption , so a timer faucet can be a good choice in a children's Bathroom Renovation if we fear that more than once it will be left open and with the water flowing.Another important point in the safety of children's bathrooms is the temperature of the water. To avoid burns, it is recommended that we adjust the maximum temperature of our heater so that it does not burn, between 35º and 38º it can be a good maximum; the water will be hot but will not cause a burn.

Finally, although some elements depend directly on the parents, it is important that, if the child has an age in which he already has favorite characters or favorite series, we have his opinion , since in this way he will feel even more comfortable using his own bathroom. Of course, we must anticipate its growth and try to adapt the bathroom decoration according to its age.If you have any other idea to customize children's bathrooms, do not hesitate to leave it to us in the comments. In the end, it all depends on each other's creativity , but the most important thing is to make them feel good.


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