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Economical Electrical Solution heating systems

Using new technological innovations, specialists in the field are trying to find out which is the cheapest electric heating, in order to meet the needs of all consumers. Whatever type of Electrical Solution heating you choose, you should know that the efficiency is close to 100% due to the fact that the heat losses to the outside of the house are insignificant.

1.1. Home heating solutions - Electric air heater 

These heaters are portable and are supplied directly from the electricity system. The efficiency of electric air heaters is excellent, with an energy transformation efficiency in heat of about 95%. The operating mechanism is very simple. The heating element inside is heated when the air heater is connected to an energy source, and then, by means of a fan, the heat released is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Portability is one of the most important advantages because depending on your needs, you can move the device from one room to another, noting that it is not located next to furniture or curtains. The best Electrical Solution air heater has a built-in thermostat that allows temperature control through the versatility of power steps. These two aspects turn the air heater into a very energy efficient device.

However, users complained of a rather irritating noise generated by the fan during operation. Using the air heater as a primary energy source is not recommended in the long run because the temperature drops very quickly if it is turned off.

1.2. Home heating solutions - Heat gun 

Recently introduced on the market, heat cannons are similar to electric air heaters, only they are much larger. They are ideal for use outdoors or in very large rooms due to the power of 20-30 kW. For the safety of the space where such a device is located, the manufacturers have provided these heating products with a special cooling system that prevents overheating.

Even though they are safe and energy efficient, cannons are not suitable for heating homes. They can, however, be used inside a garage or workshop.

1.3. Home heating solutions - Infrared radiant panel 

Highly energy efficient, the radiant panel is a modern and environmentally friendly method of Electrical Solution of the home, reducing the value of costs by up to 50%. This device is not only a source of heat, but also a decorative element due to its futuristic appearance. It can be easily said that radiant panels are the cheapest heating systems because the acquisition and installation costs are much lower than in the case of a large thermal power plant that depends on a connection to a gas and water source.

Due to the high content of tourmaline, a natural mineral, the radiant panel has many positive effects on health by stimulating circulation and combating the symptoms of respiratory diseases. However, users have mentioned that they are not very effective if used in large rooms, but manufacturers provide all the necessary details and make consumption estimates based on the type of home. Maintenance services are also provided free of charge in the event of a breakdown.

1.4. Home heating solutions - Electric convector 

It has the same principle of operation as an air heater only that the heated air is dispersed in the room based on radiation. The best electric convector is the one with the highest efficiency. Quite versatile, the convectors can be mounted on both the floor and the wall. Commercially, this product is also available in the form of a regular radiator, which is an advantage because it can be placed under the window, and due to the fact that it does not heat on the outside, you do not have to worry about whether or not it touches the curtain. .

Like an air heater, the electric convector, if not in operation, cools very quickly and the temperature cannot be maintained at an optimal value. Even though it looks very good visually, in terms of costs, this heating system is not recommended to be used in large rooms. It is ideal for cottages and rooms in a guesthouse or motel.

1.5. Home heating solutions - Central heating 

It is a heating system that works on the basis of Electrical Solution but also needs a connection to a source of methane gas and water. Of course there are thermal power plants that run on wood, but such models are not recommended to be installed in an apartment. The boiler has a boiler inside where the water is stored to be heated and then distributed in radiators through the piping system throughout the house.

It is important to note that one of the factors influencing the efficiency of the boiler is the type of radiator. The best radiator is cast iron because it will retain heat longer. Aluminum radiators start to cool immediately after the boiler has been switched off, which does not make them very efficient despite the modern design.

1.6. Home heating solutions - Underfloor heating 

It is a new method by which the home can be heated very efficiently. If you do not want to keep in mind the classic radiators or other devices you can choose this economical option. It is based on the working principle of radiance which is a natural physical mechanism through which heat is gradually distributed from the bottom up, which means that heat loss will be imperceptible, the efficiency being 100%. The heat will be released through the cables and heating mats.

A disadvantage of this heating system is that the pieces of furniture cannot be moved because there is a risk of completely covering the heating cables, thus accumulating a lot of heat. Installation costs can be quite high if it is implemented in an older apartment. In this case, the prosecutor's office will be completely changed, but it will certainly bring long-term financial amortization due to the increased efficiency.

1.7. Home heating solutions - Electric radiator 

The electric radiator has a special oil inside the aluminum elements heats up when connected to a power source. Due to the high viscosity, the oil will maintain its temperature. That said, if you disconnect the radiator, the heat will persist for a longer period of time.Electrical Solution the purchase price is reasonable and in the medium and long term will reduce heating costs. Ideal for small rooms, the electric radiator has wheels mounted, but it is still quite bulky and difficult to move from side to side.

Heating takes place progressively over a fairly long time compared to other systems with the same role. If you want to make such a purchase but do not know which is the best electric radiator you should do an analysis of all similar products on the market, because if they are not of quality, oil leaks can occur that will stain carpets and will cause burns in case of skin contact.


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