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Know How To Motorbike Spares Identify The Most Common Leaks

You are motorbike spares going to get in your car and you see a puddle of fluid that indicates a leak. What is it? When we see it we get nervous and we don't know what to do.

In order to better identify these leaks, we give you some tips so that you can identify them:

Transparent yellow and almost brown color

To know how to identify we must see that it is slippery. If it is, we must immediately look at the brake fluid reservoir, if it has a leak, the car should be taken to the workshop immediately as it is a very serious problem.

motorbike spares

Green, orange, pink or blue color

To identify it, we motorbike spares must know that there are many manufacturers that use bright colors to better identify the leak. In this case it is the coolant, you may notice a sweet smell after driving the car or the car heats up while driving. It is important to repair the leak early so that it does not cause breakage or damage to other parts of the engine.

Red or brown color

It can be transmission fluid or power steering fluid, to differentiate it we must see where the leak is in the car. If the leak is in the front-left part of the car, it may be the power steering and if it is not the transmission. It is very important to repair this leak to avoid further damage.

Color Black

You should touch motorbike spares it and see that it is a slippery liquid, probably engine oil. The leak is usually under the engine. It should be repaired as soon as possible so as not to have a more serious repair.

The air filter plays a very important role for the car engine.

The function of the filter in the car is to clean the engine of impurities, dust or insects and prevent them from reaching the engine cylinders and thus avoid a malfunction of the engine, more fuel consumption and more pollution.

If a vehicle's air motorbike spares filter is bad, it will affect the engine and performance of the car and thus increase the risk of a breakdown.

motorbike spares

The air filter is placed at the entrance of the combustion chamber so that it does not hinder the combustion entry.

When to change the air filter?

Normally each supplier gives a recommendation to change the filter, in general it is recommended between 10,000 and 15,000 kilometers, or once a year.

If the air filter is changed when they tell us, the cost is very small, since Changing the car filter is cheap and buying it too.

Finally, it is good to change the filter due to the environmental impact. Using a car with a dirty filter increases polluting gases.


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