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What is better ducted or split air conditioning?

 Have you decided to install air conditioning in your home or workplace? When summer approaches and temperatures begin to rise, we realize the need for a quality air conditioning installation, which allows us to enjoy our home as comfortably as possible.

The best brands of air conditioning, such as Mitsubishi Electric , sell different types of air conditioning devices, such as split or ducted air conditioners . Deciding which one is the best depends on knowing its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Have you decided to install air conditioning in your home or workplace? When summer approaches and temperatures begin to rise,

Ducted air conditioning

It is a system that centralizes the distribution of air through a false ceiling throughout the house. Ideally, the ducted air conditioner has programmable louvers that regulate the air flow. This air conditioning installation allows the house to be zoned , that is, to regulate the amount of air and the temperature of each room in the house or area of ​​a workplace. In fact, each room has its own thermostat, which regulates the opening of the grill according to the needs of air conditioning.

This total control of temperature and air flow ensures comfort in each space and also saves energy. In fact, some studies estimate the energy savings when using this air conditioning system at 50% of the total.

Another characteristic of ducted air conditioning is its discreet aesthetics , which often makes it imperceptible. With this system, we will only see some small grids through which the air circulates and, in addition, we will have a free wall to place what we want.

The fact that this air conditioning system is hidden in a false ceiling does not have to worry about cleaning and disinfecting the ducts. The company in charge of your installation will inform us about the many modern cleaning system options that exist, and that take advantage of the grates to make the whole process smooth.

Split air conditioning

The air conditioning Split is increasingly common in many homes, especially for its low economic cost .Its installation consists of two separate units , which function as a cooling source and as a cold air diffuser. This outdoor unit has a condenser and a compressor, and accumulates heat in summer. The split are a fixed installation of air conditioning, which produces very little noise and has a careful design that does not represent any problem for the decoration of a house.

In addition, the splits that are currently marketed often have an inverter function . That is to say, they are also a heat pump and, therefore, we can also use them in winter. We must bear in mind that the splits only serve us to air-condition the room in which they are placed. Therefore, if we want to enjoy air conditioning throughout the home, we must opt ​​for a multisplit installation , with various machines that are regulated individually in each room.

Have you decided to install air conditioning in your home or workplace? When summer approaches and temperatures begin to rise,

Differences between ducted and split air conditioning

Both ducted air conditioning and the Split system (or its multisplit variant ) allow us to effectively air-condition a home or workspace, but both systems have important differences that distinguish them in their specific use. It is evident that a single split unit will not serve to air-condition a house, so if we want to opt for this air-conditioning solution, we can install a multisplit , which covers all rooms by means of various split devices with the same characteristics. The great advantage of this system is that it allows us to air-condition the rooms we want using the same outdoor unit, which can be very economical.

In the case of ducted air conditioning, we will have to face works to complete its installation, if we do not have a false ceiling in the house. In addition, we must take into account whether the home has the necessary requirements for its proper functioning. Of course, in return we will have a powerful and efficient installation, with an established air output power to meet our air conditioning needs.

Likewise, we must take into account the dimensions of the home or workspace that we want to refresh, since if we want to air-condition many spaces we will need numerous splits to achieve this. On the other hand, ducted air conditioning only requires an increase in power to be able to efficiently reach all rooms, even the most remote ones.

We will also have to assess the electrical consumption of the various split units that we need to install and that work at the same time to air condition a large space.


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