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Do you have an emergency with the pipes or water network? Don't wait any longer and contact us: we are Professional Plumber with many years of experience in the sector. Day after day we deal with the most common problems in this area, such as water leaks, traffic jams, broken faucets or cisterns, etc. At first you may be tempted to fix the problem yourself, but this is not always the best idea: plumbers have  Professional Plumber  tools that are best suited to perform these tasks. For example, to detect water leaks we use devices such as georadar, humidity scanner and thermal imaging cameras, which are the most reliable to detect the problem safely. In addition, the use of these devices minimizes the amount of work that must be done, so they are essential. For different reasons, the pipes can get clogged and prevent the correct passage of water. This can happen if dirt has entered them (for example, after a storm), if the pipes are very old or if, due to use, organic debris has en

How to choose building materials and not harm your health

We tell you how  paint, polystyrene and other building materials can be dangerous and what to look for in order to minimise health risks. The natural coating is made from flax or jute fiber, on which a protective layer of wax, wood flour and coniferous resin is applied.  This composition makes this material expensive and not particularly resistant to moisture. Alkyd.  It becomes brittle at freezing temperatures and is difficult to fit.  Nitrocellulose.  It is dangerous because building materials it lights up easily and quickly, which is why it is practically not used. Rubber.  It is only allowed to be used in technical rooms, as this material can release harmful substances like benzene.  It is most often used  building materials in apartments, but if it is of poor quality, it has an unpleasant odor due to harmful substances released in the heat.  Therefore, when buying it, you need to carefully check the manufacturer's quality certificates. High-quality gypsum plasterboard buildi


The automatic garage door is indispensable in the lives of people who seek greater security, comfort and agility in opening and closing the gate. Parking the car on the sidewalk, going down to open the gate and only then storing the car is a thing of the past. And, with the growth of criminality, it is almost impossible not to opt for the use of automatic gate, either for your home, company or industry.However, to have an automatic gate with good performance, it is necessary to have a quality engine. Choosing the best automation for your gate is very important, since this equipment can offer more security and the wrong choice can generate many headaches. In addition to choosing the right automation, it is necessary to take into account that after a certain period of time, this equipment no longer has the same performance, and maybe it is time to change it. 9 signs it's time to change the automation 1. Automatic gate stopped working The ideal is to call an installer to check what h


Already since ancient times to the 16th century, carried the wedding ring on the left ring finger . The Australian and Romans thought that through the left ring finger a vein, the so-called vena amoris , leads directly to the heart and thus to love. Even today,  wedding rings  are still worn on the ring finger. However, in Australia they are worn on the right hand . Worldwide , however, wedding rings are usually worn on the left . Which colors are currently in trend for wedding rings? In ancient times, the rings were mostly made of iron. Today silver and gold are often used , including white gold, yellow gold or rose gold . The most popular right now is platinum . This precious metal is the purest and most indestructible material . Due to its hardness and density, platinum has no abrasion and therefore surrounds diamonds safely . In addition, platinum is particularly suitable for people with allergies . In addition, platinum is so popular because it doesn't tarnish and doesn't


Every person can expect a move. After all, this is an integral part of a change of residence or arrangement of a new office. A truck will also be needed for the transportation of building materials, when buying new furniture or equipment. The reasons vary, but the bottom line is the same - the need to choose a vehicle to transport goods. It would seem that it is enough to find an advertisement for the provision of furniture movers   services and order a car. But is this approach correct? After all, there are many types of machines used for the transportation of goods, they differ in the rental cost, capacity, presence or absence of fasteners, additional equipment. Different types of cars will be required to transport different cargo! What kind of truck you need to move In order to find out what kind of truck you need, you should correctly assess the type and amount of cargo transported. Taking into account the same data, the cost of moving and travel time will be calculated.   Cargo cl