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The automatic garage door is indispensable in the lives of people who seek greater security, comfort and agility in opening and closing the gate. Parking the car on the sidewalk, going down to open the gate and only then storing the car is a thing of the past.

And, with the growth of criminality, it is almost impossible not to opt for the use of automatic gate, either for your home, company or industry.However, to have an automatic gate with good performance, it is necessary to have a quality engine. Choosing the best automation for your gate is very important, since this equipment can offer more security and the wrong choice can generate many headaches.

In addition to choosing the right automation, it is necessary to take into account that after a certain period of time, this equipment no longer has the same performance, and maybe it is time to change it.

9 signs it's time to change the automation

1. Automatic gate stopped working

The ideal is to call an installer to check what happened. The gate may stop functioning if the fuse on the motor plate is blown. This prevents the electrical energy from passing through the input garage door wires of the board (if the fuse is defective and the entire wires) it is necessary to analyze which part of the motor is defective, and whether it should be replaced.

2. When you press the button, the engine runs for a few seconds and stops

This occurs due to some regulation, as the clutch has its functionality compromised. It may be time to change the engine.

3. The gate locks when closed

Never stay under the gate, do not try to fix it yourself, it can lead to accidents.The ideal is to talk to an installer, as he is the one who will analyze what happened to your gate's engine.

4. Gate before the end of the course (it is fully open or closed)

This situation is usually caused by the wrong setting in the engine center settings.garage door But, it can occur due to the wear of the automation.

5. Automation lubrication

Lubrication is important for the gate to function properly, due to lack of lubrication, the engine suffers damage and needs to be replaced.

6. Dog urine

If you have a dog and he usually urinates at the gate, you need to change that, as dog urine directly impacts the lifespan of the automatic gate motor.

7. Automator plate is burned

You can even repair it, but the components will not work the same way and you will need to replace them again, which generates a lot of unnecessary expenses.In this case, the ideal is to change the gate motor.

8. Motor roars strong without being started

The central can be shorted, which locks the gate. Therefore, it is necessary to change the automation.

9. Dust

The automatic gate must receive special care, and one of them is always to pay attention to the accumulation of dust in the automation.Dust causes equipment to malfunction, which implies replacement.It is worth remembering that not all cases are reasons to change the automation, since many can be solved with garage door maintenance or by changing some spare parts or simply by applying a grease.But, before changing the automation, you must know the types of automators available on the market and the features that each of them.

Types of automatic gate automation

Swing gate motor

This model is suspended in the air after opening, and its up and down is important for the gate to work properly.The automatic gate openers are very resistant due to the elevation of the gate until the passage of vehicles and people. Therefore, it is essential that this equipment has high durability and quality.We have automators for smaller and simpler tilting gates of 200 kg - BV Combat, even larger and heavier gates of 450 kg - Grand BV .

Motor for sliding gate

It is the automation that opens to the sides, it is the type of engine known as "running". It is indicated for gates for companies, houses and condominiums.

Because it is an engine that is exposed to open environments, the ideal is to choose a model that is resistant to rain and will not rust over time.We have sliding gate automation for applications in homes, businesses, condominiums and industries.Garen automakers support smaller and simpler gates like the 400kg residential ones - KDZ Combat, even bigger and heavier gates like the 1200kg condos and industries - Durata 2.0 .

Pivoting gate motor

Pivoting gates can open one leaf, in the style of a door, or in two leaves. We have automators for sheets from 1.50m as the most used in homes - Pivo Quad - up to larger sheets as used in industries of 3.50m - Grand Pivo.

Now that you know what is the ideal time to change the automation and which is the most suitable motor for each gate model, contact your nearest Garen distributor.

The company has extensive experience in the market, and offers quality, modernity and technology in its home and commercial automation systems .


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