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How to choose building materials and not harm your health

We tell you how  paint, polystyrene and other building materials can be dangerous and what to look for in order to minimise health risks.

The natural coating is made from flax or jute fiber, on which a protective layer of wax, wood flour and coniferous resin is applied. This composition makes this material expensive and not particularly resistant to moisture.

  • Alkyd. It becomes brittle at freezing temperatures and is difficult to fit. 
  • Nitrocellulose. It is dangerous because building materials it lights up easily and quickly, which is why it is practically not used.
  • Rubber. It is only allowed to be used in technical rooms, as this material can release harmful substances like benzene. 
  • It is most often used building materials in apartments, but if it is of poor quality, it has an unpleasant odor due to harmful substances released in the heat. Therefore, when buying it, you need to carefully check the manufacturer's quality certificates.
  • High-quality gypsum plasterboard building materials consists of a layer of stucco, sometimes mixed with , starch or fibreglass and cardboard. This composition is not dangerous.

    Two important points to follow when working with drywall sheets

    • During repairs with drywall, you need to work in a respirator, since the gypsum dust is fine and harmful to the body.
    • On the slopes of windows and in rooms with high humidity, it is necessary to use waterproof drywall impregnated with an antifungal composition. Under the influence of moisture, mold forms on gypsum plasterboard's, which is also harmful to breathe.

    The danger is posed by poor-quality building materials drywall from unscrupulous manufacturers who allow formaldehyde and phenol compounds in the composition. Such products are not certified.

  • Paints and varnishes

    When choosing paints and varnishes, check for what kind of work they are intended: external or internal. Also, do not forget about protection during use during the repair process.

    Proper protection when working with paint

    • Closed clothing, covered hair, building materials gloves.
    • Using a respirator, a gas mask or combination is suitable, but not just a dust proof one.
    • Each manufacturer of tile adhesive must have a certificate of conformity confirming that there are no toxic substances in the composition that can harm humans.

    •  It is necessary to apply tile glue with gloves building materials and a respirator, then ventilate the room and do not use it until the composition is completely dry. It is also recommended to trowel the seams thoroughly so that no glue remains on the surface. 

    • Polyfoam can be used for insulation and sound insulation. If the manufacturer used a low-quality compound, then the material may release styrene. This substance evaporates at room temperature.

    • Choose reliable manufacturers and insulate the house with foam only from the outside.Window sills, baseboards, pipes are made of this material. It is absolutely safe, since a few years ago, official manufacturers abandoned cadmium and lead based stabilisers.

    • Chloride can be dangerous building materials only when burning, although it is fire resistant, and ignites only when exposed to direct fire from flammable substances, for example, gasoline.


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