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Every person can expect a move. After all, this is an integral part of a change of residence or arrangement of a new office. A truck will also be needed for the transportation of building materials, when buying new furniture or equipment. The reasons vary, but the bottom line is the same - the need to choose a vehicle to transport goods.

It would seem that it is enough to find an advertisement for the provision of furniture movers  services and order a car. But is this approach correct? After all, there are many types of machines used for the transportation of goods, they differ in the rental cost, capacity, presence or absence of fasteners, additional equipment. Different types of cars will be required to transport different cargo!

What kind of truck you need to move

In order to find out what kind of truck you need, you should correctly assess the type and amount of cargo transported. Taking into account the same data, the cost of moving and travel time will be calculated.  

Cargo classification

Depending on the features and characteristics of the cargo, there are several types of transported property:

ordinary cargo - this category includes property that meets the norms and standards established by law;

high-risk cargo - a special truck is needed to transport such property;

food products - for the transportation of perishable products, cars with refrigerators are used to ensure the required temperature regime;

over sized cargo - requires careful selection of the route and selection of a car corresponding to the size and volume of the transported property;

live cargo - it is not possible to find a car for high-quality transportation of animals in every moving company (the car must be equipped with a special body, cage and equipment to maintain a comfortable temperature regime).

Considering the specifics of the cargo transportation service and the variety of goods available for transportation, carefully study the proposals of the carriers. Find out which cars are used as cargo taxis, which cars are capable of transporting fragile or requiring special attention cargo.

What kind of trucks are there

Depending on the characteristics, there are several types of trucks:

  1. low-tonnage;
  2. medium tonnage;
  3. large-capacity.

The former are used to transport goods weighing less than 3 tons. As a rule, these are food and building materials, furniture movers, household appliances, equipment. Minibuses and small trucks are used for this purpose. In some cases, cars with an open body are used.For the transportation of cargo weighing up to 10 tons, vehicles of the same type are used as for low-tonnage transfers. Large-capacity vehicles differ in their respective dimensions and capacity.

Where to find a car to transport cargo

So, the approximate range of searches has been determined and the customer knows what type of car to look for. If you need a truck to move in Kiev , it is not difficult to find a carrier. Many movings provide transportation services outside the capital.

The easiest way to find a car is through the Internet. Focus on reviews on the Web (you can read them on forums and transportation sites), as well as on the types of vehicles for freight that are in the selected companies.

How to choose a carrier for the move? Contact the interested companies and discuss the details of the order - the type and weight of the cargo, its approximate volume, the proposed route (initial and final delivery object). Find out the cost of the service in a particular case and the likelihood of its increase. Specialists will calculate the required number of loaders, offer additional services to optimize the transfer.

Which truck is better

The answer to this question may not be the same for everyone. The best car in each individual case may be different! To choose the best truck, discuss the details with professionals with experience in different cargo transportation. The quality of the service depends on the correct choice.

Which truck is better for small apartment and office moving? If you are changing your home or office and do not plan to transport 10 tons of cargo, choose a van, flatbed truck, minibus. If you need to furniture movers bulk building materials, it is important to rent a dump truck. Cargo of specific cargo requires the use of non-standard transport - tanks, container ships, refrigerators, etc.

In addition to the carrying capacity and capacity of the car, other nuances must be taken into account.The best car in one area may be useless in another, for example, if there are low bridges, narrow roads and other restrictions on the size, height, weight of the car on the route.

That is why it is important not to skimp on the selection of a car and entrust the solution of this problem to a professional from a furniture movers company. It is very difficult to independently take into account all the features of the path and other significant nuances.

Carrying out cargo transportation when you need good proven cars should be extremely careful. Think over the little things, compare the offers of different companies, discuss with the carrier step by step the route and features of the cargo. This is the only way to avoid annoying mistakes and wasted time and money.


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