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Already since ancient times to the 16th century, carried the wedding ring on the left ring finger . The Australian and Romans thought that through the left ring finger a vein, the so-called vena amoris , leads directly to the heart and thus to love. Even today, wedding rings are still worn on the ring finger. However, in Australia they are worn on the right hand . Worldwide , however, wedding rings are usually worn on the left .

Which colors are currently in trend for wedding rings?

In ancient times, the rings were mostly made of iron. Today silver and gold are often used , including white gold, yellow gold or rose gold .

The most popular right now is platinum . This precious metal is the purest and most indestructible material . Due to its hardness and density, platinum has no abrasion and therefore surrounds diamonds safely . In addition, platinum is particularly suitable for people with allergies . In addition, platinum is so popular because it doesn't tarnish and doesn't get darker over time.

With rings made of gold , it is important to note that they are never made entirely of gold . The material alone is far too soft and would wear out quickly. Therefore, a mixture of gold and other metals is always used for production. At a punch in the inner side of the ring , can be the ratio of gold to metal reading. Most often wedding rings have a gold content of 18 carats , which can be recognized by the stamp "750" , which means as much as 75% gold content . The lower the gold content, the cheaper the wedding rings.

What was already a tradition in antiquity is engraving . It is customary to have the partner's name and the date of the marriage vows engraved on it. Also individual awards are very popular. Today's technology even makes it possible to engrave your own fingerprint or a saying in your own handwriting .By the way, there are now blacksmiths' workshops where bridal couples can design and forge their rings themselves under the guidance of expert staff .

What can wedding rings cost?

An expensive ring used to be something like insurance. The woman could see the financial strength of the future from the engagement ring . Fortunately, that relaxed today.

The wedding rings are the symbol of marriage and that which accompanies you forever . So that the rings stay beautiful for a long time, it is advisable to choose high-quality materials such as gold, white gold or platinum. Of course, quality also has its price. Wedding rings made of yellow gold, which can be bought for around 500 euros , are simple and classic . The price does not only result from the material, but also from the number of diamonds, the width and the height .

Wedding rings wedding bands engagement rings

The price depends entirely on your ideas, between 300 and 2,000 euros and beyond, anything is possible. Plain gold rings are of course cheaper than a platinum wedding ring set with diamonds.

If you have a small budget, I recommend that you consider whether you should save on other ends , but not on the rings. Of course, the wedding rings celebration should also be remembered as beautifully as possible , but you should consider the following : The wedding celebration only lasts one day, but the wedding rings stay a lifetime! Therefore, it pays to spend more on what remains forever.

If you also want to save a little on the wedding rings, I recommend looking out for bargains . Remaining items or rings from old collections are not rings with defects. They are just slow-moving goods that retailers want to get rid of to make room for new products. Wedding rings winter wedding rings,When buying wedding rings, make sure that the rings not only look great, but are also comfortable 

How do you recognize high quality wedding rings?

Make sure that you only buy your rings from verified dealers . Because there are also replicas and plagiarism. Differences in quality are not recognizable for laypeople. Only professionals are able to distinguish a "fake" from the original .

When is the best time to buy the wedding rings?

You should start your search six months before the wedding at the latest . Especially those who want special engravings should give the jewelers time. I also recommend that you try the rings so that you can test the size of the rings in everyday life .

Wedding rings wedding wedding rings

Take your time choosing and buying wedding rings and start your search earlier 

How do you decide on the perfect wedding rings?

It is important that you seek professional advice . Professional advice includes the jeweler familiarizing you with the various materials . Do not just choose your wedding rings based on their appearance , but also note that the materials determine how comfortable they are to be worn .

Also note that the sample wedding rings that you get for testing do not correspond to the material that you ultimately choose. The rings that are presented to you during the consultation could have a lower value to protect against theft .

Since the wedding rings should always suit their wearer and their properties , it is recommended that the rings be selected according to the standard taste . It is best to take your everyday jewelery with you for advice , because this way the jeweler or goldsmith can not only determine the ring size more easily . The person skilled in the art can also get an idea of ​​the ring profile of the carrier. For example, wear and tear provides information about wearing habits and helps to find out which material is best.

Don't be too hasty to buy the rings . Try wearing them in the shop for 10 minutes . So you can find out how it feels and if something is bothering you. It is also possible to take rings home with you and try them out for a few days


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