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If you offer web design services to clients, regardless of whether you’re a freelancer or running an agency, there are plenty of other related services that you could offer.

By offering additional services, you’ll be able to increase the revenue that you earn from the average client, meaning that you can make more money with fewer clients. Your clients can also benefit from having one provider for multiple services, rather than needing to find and hire several different professionals.Of course, branching out and offering more services does come with some drawbacks as well. You probably won’t want to offer every additional service possible, because it’s usually a good idea to narrow in and focus on a few things.

However, even if web design is your primary focus, offering a few of these additional web design  can go along way towards increasing the profitability of your business without spreading yourself too thin.Let’s take a look at some of the specific services that you could offer. Your own personal experience and expertise will play a role in the services that you choose to offer, but later in the article we’ll take a look at a few different options you could consider if you don’t have existing expertise in these areas.

1. Ongoing Website Maintenance

Clients that hire you to web design  a website are extremely likely to need some additional service at some point. Even if the website is built with a content management system (like WordPress) that allows the client to easily add and manage the content on their own, there will still be some maintenance needed at some point.This maintenance could involve minor design or layout changes, new sections of the website, or other details that the client is not able to handle on their own through a CMS.

When it comes to ongoing maintenance, there are a few different ways you can offer this service. You could charge an hourly rate and bill clients for whatever worth they need, or you could create a package and charge a monthly retainer. For example, the package web design  would have a flat monthly fee and would entitle the client to specific things like priority support and a specific number of hours of work each month.Offering maintenance as a package can be a great choice because it helps you to ensure some ongoing revenue, adding some predictability to an otherwise unpredictable income.

Maintenance packages can also be great for clients because it allows the client to know how much they should budget for on-going expenses related to their website, and they know that you’ll be easy to reach whenever they need support.

2. WordPress Support

WordPress is such an incredibly popular content management system that a large percentage of new websites are being built on the platform. According to statistics, WordPress powers 34% of the internet, and that number is rising.

WordPress is an ideal CMS for many small and medium-sized businesses, and everyone loves the fact that it’s free. But WordPress users are bound to run into some issues that require a little bit of help. The downside of a free CMS is that getting help and support can be a challenge. There is a free support forum, but getting answers to your questions there can be hit or miss. Many clients want someone to do the work for them, rather than spending hours reading through forums trying to find solutions.

Offering WordPress support could be a lot like offering on-going website maintenance, except for the fact that you are specifically focusing on WordPress (and as a result, you’re branding yourself as a WordPress expert).  This WordPress support could be billed hourly, or you could offer maintenance packages with a flat monthly fee, like we discussed in the previous point.

3. Hosting

Your web design  clients will need hosting, and this is another service that you can offer. Best of all, hosting produces ongoing monthly revenue and as you add more clients, that hosting revenue will increase. In order to offer web hosting to your clients, you don’t need to have and manage your own servers. You can easily get a reseller hosting account that will allow you to offer hosting to your clients without the need to manage the details yourself.

Before offering hosting for your clients, you’ll want to consider the time that will be required for providing support. Look at the details of the reseller hosting packages that you are considering and see if you would be responsible for providing all customer service to your clients. If it’s not worth your time, you might want to move on and skip this service. Part of this will depend on what you are able to charge for the hosting service.

4. Logo Design

Every business needs a logo, and many of your web design clients will be looking for a logo designer as well. If you’re creating a new site for a startup, they’ll probably need a logo. If you’re doing a website redesign for a client with an existing business, this may be a good time for that client to consider updating their brand image with a new logo.

Logo web design  can work hand-in-hand with web design, so you can package the two services together, or you can offer each service separately.Another reason to consider offering logo design as a service is the fact that it can be very lucrative.

5. Graphic Design

While logo design is one aspect of graphic web design , there are plenty of other things you could design for your clients, like business cards, brochures and marketing materials, labels, and more.Clients who hire you to design a website may benefit from some of these other services, and you could even create packages that include things like a website, logo, brochures, etc.


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