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A hotel reservation system is the most important step for your business after building a website . A step that will help you better manage your room bookings, save time and maximize your business profit.Installing an online booking system will help your customers make an online room reservation very easily and quickly. Most importantly, you do not need to rely on platforms that ask for rates on every booking you make through their platform.

If you are also interested in a Hotel accommodation reservation system for your hotel, here you will find all the necessary information, such as the facilities it includes, the advantages and of course the cost for its installation. So keep reading below.

What is the booking system on a website

An online booking system is essentially an additional feature on your website that offers the ability to book rooms online . However, the advantages that follow are much more since not only the respective visitor has the ability to make the reservation he wants directly, but the management of reservations becomes much easier on your part.

Hotel accommodation system offers an excellent upgrade for any travel business, as it will increase the conversion rate of your website.

To make it easier to understand, think on the part of the visitor. You visit a website and after seeing all the necessary information about the facilities and rooms, you decide that you want to make a reservation.However the only way is to contact the Hotel accommodation by phone or send an email. Definitely something that will discourage a lot of people and make them change their decision.

Of course, this would mean huge financial losses for your business. Therefore, by installing an online booking system on your website, you will offer a more enjoyable experience and ease in completing bookings for your guests.So with just a few clicks, the interested visitor has chosen the dates he wants, the number of people and the additional benefits he will use during his stay.

What a booking system includes on a website

By choosing an online Hotel accommodation reservation system you ensure a wealth of features that will help you book your reservations and the overall operation of your business.The booking process will work completely automatically and all you will need is the preparation to welcome the guest.Below you will find the most important features of a booking system on your website.

1. Adjustment of the booking form

Depending on the needs of your hotel, you can create the appropriate booking form for a room. You can place a large number of fields in which the guest will be able to choose the available dates for his reservation, the number of rooms, the number of people who will stay, as well as a number of additional information such as adding breakfast, space parking, the use of swimming pool - jacuzzi, etc.

2. Update and Send notifications in real time

For every reservation made by the online reservation system, both you and the guest, inform in real time for all the necessary information.This of course contributes to your greater convenience and better user experience.In addition, arrangements can be made for sending notifications to both the administrator and the visitor that will help him in his transfer to your hotel or will provide him with other useful information, such as what attractions to visit etc.

3. Interconnection with various payment methods

The Hotel accommodation system can be used with all available payment methods to provide the best experience to the visitor and to meet your needs.

All payments are made through a completely secure environment and the user who made the reservation receives the corresponding document in his email.In fact, in order to meet your every need, there is the possibility to use more currencies when making payments.

4. Multilingual support

Our company is able to install an online booking system in more than one language. Thus, depending on the countries that visit your hotel most often, the corresponding languages ​​can be selected to ensure optimal results and the guest experience.

Booking system benefits on a hotel website

The benefits of a hotel booking system are enormous, most importantly saving you money .The cost of installing the online booking system is one-off and does not include any additional charges or hidden costs.In addition, no one will ask you for rates on bookings, since the full management of the system is done by you. A fully autonomous system in your own ownership.

Finally, choosing to install a booking system you will see a noticeable difference in the percentage of conversions from your website and thus maximize your profits. The reason of course is the great ease of the booking process which will motivate the largest percentage of visitors to your website.

However, the financial benefit is not the only thing you will get from an online booking system. The great ease in its management will literally free your hands and will save you the necessary time to deal with the important functions of your business.Even without special computer knowledge, you can manage the Online Hotel accommodation system even if you avoid the double bookings that afflict many businesses of this type.

Booking system costs on a website

Before we analyze the cost of the hotel reservation system, you need to think about the amounts you spend daily on commissions on bookings offered by third party platforms.

With your own online booking system you will not have to pay any extra percentage for the bookings you receive, which as mentioned above will save you a lot of money in the long run.Thus, the installation of this feature on your website is one of the most effective, guaranteed and necessary investments that you should make.

So in addition to the cost of building a website , if you do not already have, the cost of installing an autonomous online booking system for your hotel amounts to 800 € + VAT. An amount that, as you will see for yourself, is minimal in front of the benefits it will bring to your business.

If you have any questions about the online Hotel accommodation system provided by our company you can contact us .Our experienced and specialized staff will answer your every question and guide you to make a decision that will help upgrade your hotel and increase your bookings.


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