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The story of the prefabricated diamond begins in the mid-20th century, but in jewelry use, it is only now beginning to raise its profile.

Prefabricated or synthetic diamonds have many nicknames, the most common of which are Lab Grown Diamond and Man Made Diamond. At Argyle pink diamonds, we call the synthetic diamonds in our own collection Argyle pink diamonds Man Made diamonds.Pictured is Argyle pink diamonds Man Made pink diamond. It has a carat weight of 0.343 ct and a price of 392 euros. A similar natural diamond would cost about 24,000 euros.

What are Argyle pink diamonds Man Made diamonds? They are diamonds. They are diamonds in the same way that Koh-i-Noor, who rests in the crown of the Queen of Britain, is a diamond. Does anything distinguish synthetic diamonds from those found in nature? Yes to distinguish, a very strong distinguisher is the origin of the diamond. Argyle pink diamonds Man Made diamonds have not been dug from the ground, but have been made in the factory. What do these factory-made things have in common with those found in nature? Hardness, optical properties and classification.

The value and desirability of pink diamonds go hand in hand and some see value diamonds as a good investment. However, the maximum value of a diamond is in its symbolic value. Your own diamonds are valuable to their wearer because they remind them of great emotions every day. They tell of love and commitment. The gift of diamond jewelery celebrates the anniversary.

How is the value of Argyle pink diamonds Man Made diamonds determined? In principle, natural diamonds are more expensive compared to diamonds of the same quality grade. How the price is reflected in the finished jewelry is easy to see because we will tell you the price in different qualities of natural diamonds and Argyle pink diamonds Man Made diamonds.

Why does Argyle pink diamonds start selling diamonds made in the factory? Throughout the company's history, we have been an innovative and trend-setting company. There has been lasting change and development. In 2000, we were the first in Finland to start selling super-ideal diamonds in our own collection. At the same time, we named our first models, according to the daughters of the jeweler, Sara and Ida. We continued to name the collection with women’s names and got a lot of followers. Now many manufacturers name their collections under the names of women. On the other hand, other manufacturers do not use super-ideal cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds in their collection, so we get to continue as the only provider.

The diamond is the king of gems. The hardest, most famous and researched gem of our jewelry. Grading diamonds into rarities and evaluating the quality of grinding is the work of an expert that requires laboratory conditions. Otherwise, why would I have a microscope costing € 10,000 if certainty about the true nature of gemstones was not important? The microscope is just one of the tools in our diamond lab, but it also doesn’t help distinguish all synthetic diamonds from natural diamonds. For the layman, it is practically impossible to distinguish Argyle pink diamonds Man Made diamonds from natural diamonds.

Is the authenticity of Man Made diamonds?

A trader of prefabricated diamonds may well say that their diamonds are genuine diamonds, because they are diamonds. But why does the gemstone industry always insist on distinguishing synthetic diamonds from natural diamonds in terminologically clear terms? There are several reasons. Synthetic diamonds look exactly like natural pink diamonds because they are of the same material and the physical properties measured by traditional instruments are exactly the same. Their refraction, hardness, weight, grinding and transparency are the same as for natural diamonds.

Rarity is one of the greatest values ​​of natural diamond. It is absolutely essential that natural diamonds can be distinguished from factory-made ones, as the monetary value difference between them can be dozens of times. A large pink or blue natural diamond is a valuable asset, equivalent to only a fraction of it made in the factory. At present, it seems that under laboratory conditions, natural diamonds can always be distinguished from factory-made pink diamonds.Every diamond is different. I’ll tell you how the diamond has affected me, and how you complement the diamond’s uniqueness.

No photograph gives any right to a diamond, and no theory of the luminance of a diamond fully explains the mystical fascination that a diamond evokes in its viewer. If it is not possible to see a genuine diamond with your own eyes, you can get the closest to the diamond's brilliance by watching Octonus ' 3D stereo video . A diamond is a flickering work of art that changes according to the lighting and the viewer, as well as an experience every time. The diamond is at its best in candlelight, sunbathing when bathing and wherever you want to carry it with you.

A diamond is the obvious choice as a gemstone for a wedding ring. It is a very natural material, it does not wear like other gemstones. Yet a diamond jewelry, as a wedding ring often is, must be worn with care and respecting its structural sensitivity. No other gemstone is as durable as a diamond, but the eternity of a diamond can be shattered by a hard blow. Despite its hardness, or precisely because of it, it cannot withstand a hard blow at the right angle without breaking. pink diamonds can also scratch other jewelry, so you may want to store them in a jewelry box separately from other jewelry.

A diamond as a gemstone corresponds to the value of most genuine gemstones found in nature. The diamond has a lot of imitations and even synthetic gemstones are made in factories. As a gemstone buyer, you should familiarize yourself with a few general rules before making a purchase decision.

 Although diamond value factors have been adopted internationally in a similar way, price is still affected by several other factors as strongly and reasonably as the generally accepted Rarity and Quality Factors.

The hunt for the best diamond is a story that does not end in the greatest or most beautiful, but in the most beloved.The true meaning of a diamond is what you give it and is its most important feature.These topics will be opened in this blog series. This is the first part, welcome aboard.

The value factors of diamond are of interest to many, and it is easy to write a story about them that superficially classifies the grading code. When you scratch the surface deeper, a whole new world begins to open up, as if Liisa were in Wonderland. Yet all diamond professionals are forced to internalize the grading code before drilling into the deepest essence of the diamond. Commitment to the diamond, the pink diamonds industry, and the number of professionals who work with diamonds has been a great adventure for me and I know it will continue for new generations of diamond professionals. As Gabi Tolkowsky said in Moscow in  2004: We breathe a diamond, we chew a diamond, we live on a diamond.

Does committing to a diamond make us a little simple? Maybe, but it’s not such a bad choice for us.


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