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Moving tips: how to make the most of your packing space?

  One of the key factors when making a move is to select the most suitable box according to the dimensions, weight and fragility of the objects If a move is stressful in itself, packing up all the things we've accumulated over the years is more difficult than it sounds. And it is that it does not only consist of introducing objects and belongings in boxes, but it requires planning so that everything reaches its destination in its entirety. Choose the type of box One of the key factors when moving is to select the most appropriate box depending on the dimensions, weight and fragility of the objects that we are going to transport. In this sense, it is convenient to purchase or rent moving boxes of different sizes and materials (cardboard or plastic), since they must be resistant. Keep in mind that not only will they carry weight, but it is very likely that they will pile up on top of each other during transport. On the other hand, it is also important that the moving box

Essential garage door maintenance guide

    The automatic doors are exposed to the ravages of time, which may also affect its operation, hence the need to properly prepare. We are going to see, in particular, how low temperatures affect. If it is very cold and the door does not open fully or stays a few inches from the ground, it may be because the engine speed decreases with low temperatures and it can sometimes cause it to not finish its opening or closing cycle correctly. The solution is simple, just change the configuration of the control panel and give it more time for the door to fully complete all its opening and closing operations. When the time changes, this same operation will have to be done in reverse. The cold especially affects hydraulic motors, they are very agile in hot weather but slower in cold. The reason, that the engines work with oil that flows through their interior and the liquid becomes thicker with the cold because in addition the engine pump needs to make more force. The automatic doors also

Complete guide to buying a motorcycle helmet and getting it right the first time

The helmet is the only mandatory element when it comes to getting on a motorcycle, although it is true that there is no legal rule that says the minimum characteristics that it must have. So the way to buy a motorbike helmet and obtain it right? It seems clear that a full-face helmet and one for practicing off-road sports have little to do with each other, but would you be clear why choose between a modular helmet and a full-face one? At least at the beginning, when you have just obtained your moped license or one of the motorcycle licenses, you may be lost about what is more important, what attributes and characteristics you cannot ignore to achieve maximum safety and comfort when you are in road. This complete guide will help you to answer questions and be clear about which aspects are key and essential and which others can be very desirable. In short, where it is really worth putting your money. Types of motorcycle helmet In this blog we've addressed this subject on many occasio

How do Electrical Energy work?

Electrical energy is the movement of electrons. We define electrical energy or  electricity  as the form of energy that results from the existence of a potential difference between two points. When these two points are put in contact by an electrical conductor, we obtain an electrical current. Electricity has many technical applications. Many of the phenomena related to electricity can be measured and pre-calculated with great precision. Characteristics of electrical energy Typically, these  Electrical Services   (electrons) move through the electrical conductor. Normally the conductor is made of a metallic material due to the fact that they have a greater quantity of free electrons. The electric charges that move through the conductor are part of the atoms of the substances of the conductor itself. In general, an atom has a neutral charge. This means that it has the same number of positive charges (protons) as negative charges ( neutrons ). However, some atoms have an electrical charg