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Complete guide to buying a motorcycle helmet and getting it right the first time

The helmet is the only mandatory element when it comes to getting on a motorcycle, although it is true that there is no legal rule that says the minimum characteristics that it must have. So the way to buy a motorbike helmet and obtain it right?

It seems clear that a full-face helmet and one for practicing off-road sports have little to do with each other, but would you be clear why choose between a modular helmet and a full-face one?

At least at the beginning, when you have just obtained your moped license or one of the motorcycle licenses, you may be lost about what is more important, what attributes and characteristics you cannot ignore to achieve maximum safety and comfort when you are in road.

This complete guide will help you to answer questions and be clear about which aspects are key and essential and which others can be very desirable. In short, where it is really worth putting your money.

Motorcycle safety helmet

Types of motorcycle helmet

In this blog we've addressed this subject on many occasions, but it's worth insisting that your motorcycle and your riding style are closely linked.

It is, so to speak, the first screening or initial question that you will have to ask yourself before buying a motorcycle helmet.

Take a look at the 5 great types of helmets on the market and find out which one can correspond to you taking into account which motorcycle you ride and where you usually move.

A helmet for each sort of motorcycle and riding

So that you have a rough idea of what we want to tell you when we talk about how a motorcycle helmet should respond to your riding style and the motorcycle you have chosen to move around, we have prepared a selection of motorcycles and helmets.

We hope that it helps you, although keep in mind that the motorcycle models are chosen only as an example. The really important thing is that you identify your segment and choose the motorcycle helmet that can best suit you.

Choosing the right size, the crucial moment

One crucial moments when buying your motorcycle helmet is finding the size without fail. If we tell you that up to twenty of helmets are fired after a motorbike accident thanks to a poor choice of size, you'll know it better.

The main thing - you have heard it many times - measure the perimeter of your head at the height of the forehead and above the eyebrows. With that measurement, consult the size guide of the brand and model you have chosen.

If you are not sure that you are getting the size right, read carefully the signs that tell you that you are indeed wrong.

What features to settle on to market safety and comfort?

More price is not always synonymous with more security, and you may not even need it. Buying a helmet to go from home to work on your scooter, for example, may be a bit of an exaggeration, although it is better to go long than to fall short.

However, we understand that it is very easy to get carried away by the whole rosary of features that accompany each helmet. What you have to be clear about are some minimums, some red lines so that you buy a motorcycle helmet with minimum guarantees. From there, add and go.

Some key concepts: aerodynamics, weight, noise and ventilation

What happens if you ignore all the advice and ride your motorcycle with the wrong helmet for your style? Surely, the first thing to remind you of the good man or woman who spent a good time talking to you about concepts such as aerodynamics, weight, noise or ventilation. We tell you the key points so that you keep them in mind.

What does an approved motorcycle helmet give me?

motorcycle safety helmet

You've heard it many times, and yet there are times that it is very difficult to resist, at least, taking a look at the helmet that looks good, but it lacks the necessary approval.

Beyond fines, infractions and the entire punitive section of the matter, riding a non-approved motorcycle helmet you risk certain things that you should know from the outset.

Essentially explained, all helmets are designed so that the outer shell supports the impact and the internal structure cushion it.

Depending on its manufacture and the quality of the materials, it will be more or less effective, but what all homologated helmets have in common is that they have passed a series of trials and tests to certify their rigidity, behavior in extreme cold or heat situations., its hardness in conditions such as projection, friction and retention, as well as the field of vision and therefore the qualities of the screen.

Finally, remember that, without a helmet and only 30 kilometers / hour, any blow to the top means death 98% of the time.


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