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Essential garage door maintenance guide


The automatic doors are exposed to the ravages of time, which may also affect its operation, hence the need to properly prepare. We are going to see, in particular, how low temperatures affect.

If it is very cold and the door does not open fully or stays a few inches from the ground, it may be because the engine speed decreases with low temperatures and it can sometimes cause it to not finish its opening or closing cycle correctly. The solution is simple, just change the configuration of the control panel and give it more time for the door to fully complete all its opening and closing operations. When the time changes, this same operation will have to be done in reverse.

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The cold especially affects hydraulic motors, they are very agile in hot weather but slower in cold. The reason, that the engines work with oil that flows through their interior and the liquid becomes thicker with the cold because in addition the engine pump needs to make more force.

The automatic doors also suffer with the weather

If there is a storm and the power goes out, don't worry, the automatisms have an unlocking system that allows you to open or close your garage door without having to connect the motor. If there is no light, just use the lever or cord to unlock the automation.

Moisture is a problem for automatic doors, you must check the gaskets and check their good condition so that no water enters the motor. Take special care when the motor is located outside.

In addition, changes in temperature affect all the accessories of automatic doors and especially the closing joints in motors, control panels and photocells.

With these locksmith tips you will ensure that your garage door always works correctly and without problems.

Maintenance tips on garage doors

It is advisable to see the door periodically to stay all its elements in good shape, more or less every three months, with the change of seasons.

First of all, you should lubricate the door, check the chafing systems such as the hinges, the lock and the latch to avoid wear and noise. Grease these areas and the points where the motor and the door rotate, arms, chains or zippers if there are any. Use petroleum jelly or grease.

garage door maintenance

See if there are no points where water can enter the engine. Changes in temperature and also the passage of your time damage the connections in motors, control panels and photocells.

You must also verify that the switch and its components are not burned, they must be kept in good condition. On the other hand, if it is a sliding door, keep the guides through which the leaf circulates and its surroundings very clean. Also keep an eye on the docks. Grease them and check if they have lost tension, they can also be adjusted again.

You should also check all the panels that make up the door because they may be dented. You can replace the panel yourself, it is not complicated.

  • Avoid dirt. In addition to leaves and garbage in the surroundings of your garage door, it can accumulate traces of grease and dust that will dirty it not only on the outside but could put the mechanisms that move the door at risk. Consult with us the convenience of cleaning it with pressurized water periodically.
  • Beware of humidity. Garage doors face excessive heat and extreme cold, but the weather agent that affects them the most is water, which can damage control panels if they are not well insulated by humidity. To avoid this, check all electrical circuits frequently, making sure there are no cracks or fissures. If there are, you can ask us for advice on whether you can seal them with silicone or how to act.
  • Lubrication. The liquid grease in spray applied every two months is essential to keep the door in perfect condition (the classic “3 in 1” will also work for you). The areas to be greased are those where the door rotates: the pinions, rollers and wheels. In the case of folding doors, it is also advisable to apply a touch of lubrication to the hinges, the lock and the latch if it is operated with a traditional key. Although the general recommendation calls for lubrication every 60 days, do not hesitate to apply more grease whenever you hear your door squeak or notice rusty areas. Of course, our maintenance will be limited to easily accessible areas, we will never disassemble the motor or grease it; that is the job of technical professionals.

With these tips you will be able to keep the door in perfect condition.

How to grease your garage door?

Garage doors require minimal maintenance to extend their useful life as long as possible. The main areas to grease on a garage door are the hinges, springs, cables and guides.

The hinges of the garage door should be greased so as to not seize and damage the whole door. Another area to be well lubricated are the springs, they have constant friction, so if they're not well greased they end up breaking. Cables and guides are the last areas to be well greased.

The best to grease our automatic garage door is any spray sold in hardware stores or any liquid lubricant that has Teflon.

Repair a garage door panel

A damaged garage door panel does not mean the entire door needs to be replaced. Even if you are inexperienced, you can do this job in a few hours.

The first thing you've got to try and do is raise the door. Make sure to unplug the light. Unhook the springs on each side of the door and carefully lower it. Unscrew the guide rollers on each side of the panel with a wrench. Remove the rollers. Unscrew the hinges that secure the damaged panel to the top or bottom panel, lift the panel to be replaced, and snap the new panel into position. Align the guide rollers and hinges with the pre-drilled holes in the panel and screw them in. Return the garage door to the vertical position, and install the side springs. You can now connect the light.

It's that easy to alter a panel, you simply got to pay a bit attention and a few help. How to increase garage door security?

A very useful element is the flashing lamps, which will warn pedestrians and other vehicles passing through the street that your garage door is moving and that therefore you are going to leave. They are very easy to install, they only require a power cable compatible with the motor for their operation and the bulb inside is very easy to change.

There are bulbs that flash on their own and others flash through the motor. Either way, they are a good element to increase security when it comes to leaving our garage. In addition, they're the lowest and simple to put in.

Another essential element are the photocells. When the engine starts, the safety photocells detect if there is any obstacle that prevents the door from closing or opening normally. It does not matter what type of door you have, whether it is folding, sectional, sliding or tilting, they can be installed, that if, there must be a set on each side of the leaf posts for total security and prevent the door closes when you are passing or crossing an obstacle.

The controls for the motor are essential, actually it's included within the automation installation equipment. But don't worry, some older remotes can be adapted to work with a different engine than yours.

Another good complement to our garage doors are electric locks. There are a lot of models available on the market and they are essential in the case of a swing door that does not have a motor locking system, so that the door is often easily opened empty preventing it.

Although there are different models of lock, always the most reliable, the safest is the one with a hook shape. They are much sturdier and harder to force. They also usually last a long time without major problems.

These are some of the accessories that you can place on your garage door to make it safer, you do not need specialists, you can place them yourself without effort and using special tools. But they're not the sole ones, remember that there are many others which will be very useful to strengthen the safety of your door.

Contact Garagedoors4u if you need more assistance on maintaining your garage doors.


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