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What the wine label tells

  The label is the dressing that most dresses the bottle, the one that identifies and presents the wine with a simple glance. She is the bearer of the brand, of its history… and for this reason we love to discover its origins; some that started many years ago ... Wine labels: the origin The beginning of wine labeling dates back to the 18th century where the Egyptians labeled their wines detailing the vintage, the production area and the person who produced it; the winemaker. The first were made in the Monasteries due to the need for wine in Christian sacraments, and the first handwritten label is attributed to the monk Pierre Perignon. A label whose material was parchment and was attached to the neck of the bottle with a piece of string. At first, only the information was taken into account for the elaboration of the label. And it was not until the twentieth century, when the aesthetics of labels began to be considered, thanks to the techniques offered by the printing press.


Moving is always complicated and can cause stress. Things get more insecure when we talk about transporting fragile objects because they usually have great sentimental and economic value. Let's see what is the best way to do it. The first thing to keep in mind is that not all fragile objects are the same, nor should they be wrapped for transfer in the same way. But it is possible to give some generic guidelines as to what material we have to provide ourselves to start the process of moving house and packing the different fragile objects that may be. Get cardboard boxes safe . That is to say that they are firm and resistant, well closed on all sides, preventing them from sinking or otherwise the consequences will be dire. A suitable base inside the boxes . It must cushion all blows safely. You have to get newspaper to make balls, egg cartons if the box does not contain very heavy things. Pack items separately . Never together or two by two because they can collide with each

What to do when the electric water heater does not work?

Breakdowns are a nuisance and if they prevent you from showering with hot water, certainly much more. And it is not always when the electric boiler does not work that you have to call a technician . There are many things that you can fix yourself. Calling a technician is, as a general rule, the best thing to do in the event of any breakdown but, depending on your skill and knowledge, it is something that you can save in some cases. We detail the most common ones. How to detect a fault in the thermos? The function of the electric water heater is to heat the water so that will be the first clue to know if the water heater is broken: there is no hot water. However, there can be several reasons why the electric water heater does not work. Check first if you have several electrical appliances on, it may be that you are using more power than you have contracted and that is why the differential jumps. It may also be triggered by external factors. First of all, it will be to verify i