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What to do when the electric water heater does not work?

Breakdowns are a nuisance and if they prevent you from showering with hot water, certainly much more. And it is not always when the electric boiler does not work that you have to call a technician. There are many things that you can fix yourself.

Calling a technician is, as a general rule, the best thing to do in the event of any breakdown but, depending on your skill and knowledge, it is something that you can save in some cases. We detail the most common ones.

electric water heater repair

How to detect a fault in the thermos?

The function of the electric water heater is to heat the water so that will be the first clue to know if the water heater is broken: there is no hot water. However, there can be several reasons why the electric water heater does not work.

Check first if you have several electrical appliances on, it may be that you are using more power than you have contracted and that is why the differential jumps. It may also be triggered by external factors. First of all, it will be to verify it.

If the differential drops when you raise it, it may be that a wire has a short circuit. Remove the lid of the thermos, after checking that the power is off, and check the cables.

Then check the thermostat and resistance to see if they are working properly. If the electrical system is okay, check for any water leaks. Here it is also important that the current is switched off.

If you find a leak, the first thing you have to do is empty the thermos before you start to repair anything. If you don't find any of these problems and the electric water heater still doesn't work, call a technician.

What to do if the differential jumps?

As we have seen, the factors that influence the differential jumping can be many, from a short circuit in the house line until more power is being consumed than contracted.

But it may also be that the sheath protecting the resistance has been perforated and it has come into contact with the water causing a short. This problem can also happen to the thermostat.

In both cases, the solution is to replace the thermostat in one case and the entire thermostat in another, with a new one. If this is the problem, it is best to call a technician again.

Is the water not hot from my thermos?

In this case, the most common is that it is a resistance problem, if the installation is well done. If we have checked the wiring and it is fine but the resistance continues to fail, we will have to replace it with a new one.

It may also be that the water does not heat due to a failure in the thermostat, the thermal safety relay or the thermal probe. Fixing this is not in our power, what it is to do proper maintenance and periodic reviews.

Thermostat light won't come on?

Many times the electric water heater does not work because the thermostat has been turned off. One of the causes may be that it has overheated and the internal thermostat they carry has turned off.

To solve it, you have to find a small slot in the thermostat and insert a thin object until you hear a click. In this way the internal part is reset and, when we return the current to the thermos, it should work again.

If we do this and the light still does not work, the problem is probably more complex and we cannot fix it ourselves.

Is there a water leak?

At this point it must be remembered that the installation of these appliances is not complex but you have to be very meticulous with it, because otherwise these leaks may occur.

This problem can be very simple or very complex, depending on where the leak is. If the leak is produced by the flange, this part will have to be replaced with the resistance and the anode.

If the loss is due to the safety valve, it will be necessary to check the pressure in the water heater because it is surely a problem of excess pressure in the household water. The solution is to install a pressure regulator at home.

If the loss of water occurs in any other area of the water heater, the problem is serious. It is probably caused by corrosion, because the thermos has not been properly maintained. The solution, in this case, is to replace the thermos with a new one.

Is little water coming out of my thermos?

We may tend to think that the electric boiler does not work for this reason, but it is not. Here the important thing is to know how our appliance works and what type it is.

If the problem is not one of temperature but of water flow, the water heater works perfectly and it is most likely that we have a problem with the pressure of the pipes in our home.

Here we will have no choice but to contact a plumber to solve the problem.

Most breakdowns can be prevented by knowing the operation of the appliance and carrying out small periodic checks.

Taking care of our appliances is the best way for them to respond just how we need them and when we need them. A good guide to make our life more comfortable.


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