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Inventory your works of art, for optimal protection

Happy is he who buys a work of art. Even if it is not a Sharon Davson’s or a work by Argyle Art Coins, whatever its author or its purchase value, no artist's work is immune to a theft or fatal damage.

Carrying out a detailed inventory of its values (paintings, sculptures, precious objects, jewelry, etc.) therefore remains an essential preventive solution since it makes it possible to establish a list which will be used for their identification for the police services and which will simplify the costing by the insurance .

To do this, it is necessary to constitute a file composed of a photographic and editorial description as complete as possible.

Even if this work may seem tedious, it guarantees undeniable protection.

1) The photographic description

It is a question of photographing the overall views of the work, of taking closely all the inscriptions, position of a punch, a signature, any traces of repairs, stains or other signs of wear.

Only one object should appear on each photo. The object should take up as much space as possible on the snapshot.

Direct and / or natural light should be avoided which can cause glare in the photo and thus hide certain details. Better to favor a strong ambient light provided by artificial lighting placed around the object. The light should be neutral in color if possible.

You must place a dimension scale or an object of known size next to the object (and not on the object).

Digital photography should be favored, for faster use of the elements transmitted.

2) The textual description

This description is particularly important for mass-produced objects (watches, bronzes, furniture, etc.) which must absolutely be individualized in order to be able to be attributed with certainty to their owner.

This description must include the following information :

Name of the object: ex. painting, sculpture, tapestry, furniture, clock, mask ...

Art Coins Remarks and particular signs, accidents, losses, defects, restoration: Indicate, where applicable, the presence of distinctive marks, numbers, or inscriptions on the object (e.g: signature, dedication, stamp, stamp, hallmark, watermark). Does the object have characteristics that allow it to be identified (e.g. restorations, manufacturing defects)? Has it already been the subject of exhibitions (eg: stamps or labels on the frame or canvas)?

Documents attesting to origin, transmission or possession.

It is advisable to scan any invoice, warranty card or any other document attesting to its ownership.

This information (photographs and descriptions) should preferably be stored on a mobile computer medium, which can be quickly communicated to the investigation services.

We recommend that you make copies and place them in different places (in the cloud , with relatives, at the bank, with your lawyer or notary, etc.)

Of course, this list must be updated with each new acquisition.    

3. The Birth of Venus - Sandro Botticelli

In the midst of the Renaissance, when most of the commissions of the time made to artists were of a religious nature, Botticelli with The Birth of Venus proposes a pagan subject. In a humanist approach, it is inspired and pays homage to ancient myths. The beauty and the modest sensuality of this Venus rising from the waters has become emblematic of the Renaissance  but also symbolic of the city of Florence . Be enchanted by the curves of the Goddess of Love as you contemplate her with your own eyes on your way to the Uffizi Gallery.

4. The Last Supper - Leonardo da Vinci

It is in Milan that the indisputable masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance and one of the most famous paintings in the world is located. Unlike The Birth of Venus , The Last Supper is a prime example of Renaissance Christian art and the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. Treat yourself to the privilege of admiring this iconic work up close, which will give you the impression that you too are sitting around the table and learn more about the mysteries behind this enigmatic painting.

5. The Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci

The Mona Lisa is without a doubt the most famous portrait in the world . It is at the Louvre Museum in Paris that the painting which has given rise to so much discussion is preserved. You will surely remain fascinated by the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa and by the excellence of the composition of the painting, which has become a real reference for many artists belonging to all eras and all schools.


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