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The most delicate belongings to move during removals

When a move is coming, there are many challenges and obstacles that you will have to go through. Don't be fooled, it's a long-distance race but when you reach the finish line… you'll see what satisfaction! In every change of home, there is a critical moment: the most delicate belongings to move in removals such as plants, pets, electrical appliances, paintings ...

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Storing clothes is nothing if you compare it with the heavier or more delicate objects that have to reach the new home. If you have decided to hire a moving company in Newcastle like Best Removalists Newcastle, you are going to take a good weight off your shoulders, but if the move is on your own, you better read the tips that we bring you today to make your life easier.

Let's start with some general recommendations for moving old objects in a move.

The moving heavy objects in a move requires excellent planning which must take into account many details:

  • Study the dimensions and characteristics of the objects, as well as the entry and exit points of both the new house and the old one. Avoid a: "upsss, this here does not fit and cannot be disassembled"
  • Keep in mind which are the appropriate materials to pack delicate belongings during a move.
  • If you've gone from hiring a cheap moving company, choose the right vehicle based on the volume and weight of your belongings. It is convenient, for your safety and that of the objects, that it has straps to ensure transport.
  • Are you going to carry everything by weight? That a move is not cause for a visit to the hospital. Assess the tools and machinery you will need to move the objects. For example, a wheelbarrow.

Well, recommendations made, we will now stop at specific cases.


Moving with plants

If your green friends are going to accompany you to your new home, follow these steps. A few days before the move, prepare your plant. Remove dead leaves and branches and give it a good pruning. If your plant is in a heavy pot, change it to a plastic one for transfer. You also have to do this step week before the move so that the roots grip well.

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To protect them, you can make a tall cylinder that surrounds the pot with packing paper. In this way, you will protect its leaves, prevent it from losing soil and, most importantly, it will have oxygen to breathe in the upper part.

If you have several small plants, you can take a box and place the plants on a cork sheet cut to size and with holes the size of pots. Don't close the box to let them breathe.

Moving with animals

Controlled plants. Now it's time to take charge of the eyes of your house. Moving with animals is not easy, but with this list of tips, we are sure to alleviate the matter:

  • Put a dog tag on your pet.
  • Remember to have everything the pet may need nearby: food, medicines, antiparasites, etc.
  • On the day of the move, make sure that the animal does not suffer a lot of stress. For this, for example, it is important to minimize noise and excessive human traffic. We advise you not to break their routines.
  • Be sure to pack your pet's toys and other items so you can give them to him in his new home.
  • In the same way, make sure to pack your pet's usual food, so that you can give it to him as soon as he arrives at the new place of residence.
  • Make sure that the furniture arrives at the new house before your pet, in this way it will find familiar objects and smells and it will feel better in a place that is unknown to it.

How to move appliances in a move?

The transfer of appliances in a move is one of the most complicated and delicate phases but not

Appliances that generate cold or ice, such as refrigerators or fridges, must be unplugged at least two days before transfer to allow them to defrost. Regarding the transfer of your washing machine, there is a golden rule: drain the hoses before any maneuver. The same goes for a dishwasher or any other appliance that uses water.

moving boxes

On the other hand, small household appliances, such as mixers, toasters or coffee makers can be placed in boxes. Try to cover each piece with the appropriate packing material. Avoid carrying the boxes so that later it will be more comfortable for you to move them from one side to another. In this other moving article, Honey, we already tell you how to protect delicate appliances in case you need extra information.

You are no longer afraid to move the most delicate belongings in removals? In any case, if you want to feel that you have everything under control during your move and avoid the stress it generates, at Best Removalists Newcastle we offer you the best moving service in Newcastle and at the best price. Do you want an estimate of how much it will cost you? Contact us and ask for your budget without obligation.


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