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Motel or Hotel: What are the differences?

Certain people come to confuse these two accommodations, perhaps it is by the same name since they are read almost the same, but the differences that these have are many. One of them is larger while the other is a smaller facility and on the way. Join us and know the differences between motel and hotel.

Hotels and motels work so that customers can rest and have a pleasant experience, but there is one that has more attractions within its facilities than in the other. And although both have the equality of owning rooms, these can be different depending on the motel and the hotel you go to.

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The motels are small facilities, are almost always a floor or two, but beyond those floors do not exist. It is maintained that the doors of the rooms are shown on the same side so that they have a certain order. These rooms are right next to each other and have a specific place in front to park a car. Take a look on their accommodation rooms and see other options as well. Book at Garden Court Motel today!

These motels are usually on the roads and that is why it is said that they are “passing through”, since they are not vacationers and most people rent the room for a few days, almost always there are two or three, but there are also motels where the stay can be extended to earn more money.

The rooms have only what is necessary, it can be a double bed or single beds, a bathroom, a small refrigerator, a television and, depending on where the client is, there may be an air conditioning or a heater. Also in some motels they offer that customers can ask for ice and go out to buy some soft drinks or fried foods from the vending machines.


The hotels, on the other hand, are large buildings that offer customer service from the moment they enter until they leave their facilities. These hotels are almost always luxurious and are managed by hotel companies that can maintain the quality of their facilities in addition to being able to manage their clients and that they can be satisfied with the services.

These facilities are usually within cities, almost always in the center so that tourists can be part of the history of each city. However, hotels can be located anywhere in the city so that they are used very frequently. The stay in the hotels is usually quite long, although the vacations or the work that the client has always depends.

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The hotels offer many things to its customers from breakfast and lunch packages. One of the attractions that hotels have are their swimming pools, where adults and children can enjoy a pleasant time, and also the bar, where adults can relax with a few drinks. You can also find a spa, some restaurants, recreation centers, a children's center, a medical center, and there are even rooms where there are computers and Internet, as well as a games room.

For all the above, we can highlight certain characteristics between these two types of accommodation. However, below is a table with the differences between hotel and motel summarized:

Hotel Characteristics

  • A hotel is designed and contemplated to accommodate people for longer periods of time.
  • The hotel rooms have basic elements and based on a quality ranking (stars) they can include other amenities, such as television, telephone, restaurant, spa, gym, among others.
  • The hotel building often has several floors of rooms, has a reception on the ground floor and a parking lot, often located in front or behind the building.
  • A hotel is more expensive and this will depend on the number of stars, its location, and other characteristics associated with the services it provides.
  • They are used, mostly, to stay, eat, enjoy services, among others.

Motel Characteristics

  • A motel is designed and thought to accommodate people for short periods of time, usually to stay overnight.
  • The rooms of a motel have only the most basic elements so that people can spend the night and rest. (in comfort it is compared to a 2 or 3-star hotel)
  • It is common for the motel building to have a single floor or a maximum of two floors and the parking lot is surrounded by the rooms, so they are very accessible and discreet.
  • With fewer amenities, it is cheaper to stay in a motel. Also, in some places, it is charged by the hour or an amount, for a limited number of hours.
  • They are also used for extramarital purposes by couples due to their low cost, discretion and functionality.

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