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Moving home: 3 common problems and how to prevent them

Moving home doesn't have to be a nightmare, quite the opposite. In this Blog we will tell you about the 3 common problems when moving house and how to prevent them.

Moving home can top that list of stressful experiences that can feel like a bad dream. One that can easily come true unless you take certain precautionary measures.

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Problems can occur at every stage of the relocation process. But, the most common nightmares when moving fall into these 3 categories. This is how they usually present themselves, and how you can avoid them.

1. Bad organization or planning

Moving involves leaving a lot of loose ends. Even the smallest lack of supervision can result in a troublesome move.

  • Chaos when packing your belongings. You realize that you have packed more items than agreed with the moving service. Some items cannot even be loaded or loaded onto the moving truck. Or maybe you didn't label your boxes correctly. Worst of all, you may not be ready when the freight arrives. All of these packaging mistakes result in wasted time and money.
  • Problems with the furniture. If your large pieces of furniture won't fit through the doors, you may have to dispense with prized pieces or request freight services that will cost you a lot and delay your move.
  • Paperwork problems. If you forgot to arrange your utilities for your new property, you will not have electricity, gas or water on the day of move-in. Did you forget to change your address? So, quite possibly you will not receive your correspondence at your new address. If you forget to update your driver's license and car registration on time, you may run into problems later. Not properly updating your documents can surely generate serious problems in the long run.
  • Spend more. If you book the freight at the last minute, don't consider that expense within your budget, or pack all your items without ordering them first, you'll end up paying much more than you bargained for.
  • Security issues. Do everything you can to avoid injuries and accidents on move-in day. Accidents are one of the worst things that can happen when moving out.

The best way to avoid hassle when moving house is to plan each phase of this adventure in detail and stay one step ahead at all times.

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2. Relocation issues at move-in

Traffic jams or road accidents can also turn your move into a real nightmare.

  • Traffic jams. The moving truck is running late and there may not be enough time to continue your move as planned. You may have to postpone the relocation to another day, or you may miss your flight if it is a move to another distant city.
  • Road accidents. If there was an accident on the road, the moving truck will have to wait until the damaged vehicles are removed and traffic is restored. However, the scenario could get worse: you could lose all your belongings or receive serious damage if the truck crashes, catches fire or is stranded due to the weather. Even thieves may break into the vehicle and steal your belongings.
  • Faults. If the moving truck breaks down on the road, you will have to wait for the moving company to send another vehicle. Also, your items can easily get damaged while being transported.
  • Problems when parking. The moving truck would have to circle the neighborhood for hours until an appropriate parking space is vacated for unloading. Or the carriers would have to park far from the driveway of your new home. In such cases, you will not only lose valuable time, but you would also have to pay an additional late fee or overtime fee. Make sure you discuss these extra expenses with the freight service to avoid surprises.

Of course, there is nothing you can do to avoid traffic accidents or breakdowns. But, you can at least reserve a parking spot for loading and unloading by choosing a moving company that has reliable drivers and well-maintained vehicles.

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3. Incompetent moving services

Many horror stories involve dishonest or incompetent moves. Here are some of them so you are aware:

  • They are delayed or lost. The agreed time comes and goes, and there is no sign of the freight truck. Regardless of the excuses they give you, the inevitable result will be a lot of stress and wasted time.
  • They are careless or inexperienced. If your move is late or you lack the proper equipment to handle your belongings safely and efficiently, your move can quickly turn into a nightmare experience.
  • They turn out to be scammers. In the worst case, you can be the victim of a scam. Often times, these types of scammers will ask for much more money than previously negotiated. They may also hold your belongings until you pay an additional “fee” as a ransom or your most expensive belongings are stolen and the rest discarded.

The good news is that there's a simple way to avoid such nightmares. Do your research carefully before hiring a moving company services to make sure you are dealing with experienced professionals. Also ask for references to your trusted acquaintances and ask on your Social Networks for referrals and check their reviews on Google.


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