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Why do you still need a business card?

The business cards or business cards have not died, nor are they close to their disappearance. Believe it or not, and in 2021, business cards still matter, both for large and small businesses. You must not ignore this fact. If you don't have one, keep reading, I'll tell you the advantages of having one.

Do not think that it is difficult to obtain one, if you do not want to hire a designer and look for a specialized business, you can resort to a digital printing company with the business card printing service, some include ready-made designs.

business card printing

But surely you wonder: OK, it's cheap, but why should I use them in my small business, what benefits does it bring me. Here we go:

1. Business cards make you memorable

We all need to do networking, and when we do networking, it is key to leave a mark on our interlocutors and ensure that they remember us beyond the event or meeting we have had. The business card allows you to achieve this easily.

2. No technology problems

Today everything is digital. It is refreshing to have something physical, tactile, that reminds us that there are things that do not change, even if they have a "retro" air. A business card is the best element to avoid having any technological barrier: you can include your phone, your website and email, and that's it. No need to spell or try to make them remember your address.

3. You show your creativity and personality

Even if you use a card pre-designed by a company, the design reflects the personality of your company and your own. The colors, the material of the card, the fonts speak of what your company is like, and also how you are. No matter the bouquet, it is a key element for the first impression of your business or your personal brand.

4. Allows you to do neuro-marketing

We all touch business cards. I'm not talking about the obvious of playing, because it makes sense. I mean that we all feel and scrutinize the cards, both their front and back and even the letters.

business card printing services

This custom that we have can be something advantageous for us, because by embossing our cards, we are able to create an effect of surprise. If you are a psychiatrist, you can color a brain in relief on your entire card, below all the data, for example.

5. They are powerful elements in your marketing strategy

Carrying a business card is very simple: you carry it in your wallet and that's it. You are not challenged to direct people anywhere. Your business goes in the pocket of your potential client or partner, in real time, and practically anywhere. That person carries a brief description of your business with them, and without you having to do anything more than deliver it.

6. They provide an image of professionalism

It is not pleasant for someone to take an interest in you and your work, and get your contact information on a piece of paper that you write right then and there. Nor be the only one at an event, who does not give his business card to the other attendees interested in your project. If you want to be a professional, and even if your business is a blog, you must have business cards and know how to exchange them correctly.

7. You can offer exclusive content

One of my clients does something very original, at least for me. You have placed a QR code on each business card. This code links you to an exclusive page in your online store where you offer a 30% coupon on your first online purchase at your business.

Newcastle printing company

You can offer any type of thing, and although not everyone knows how to use the QR code, this way you make sure that whoever bothers, receives something of value and exclusive.

The last reason I do not count because I think they are enough: they are extremely affordable: no more than 24 AUD per hundred units, it is really competitive. And without the need for a designer for it. Contact Jennings Print to handle your business card printing, they have professional graphic design artist if you want a custom design for your company.


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