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How to avoid work accidents in the construction sector?

The construction and agriculture sectors led the increase in workplace accidents in 2020, with an average rate of 614 and 448 accidents respectively. In addition, both sectors approached levels of one death per month for every 100,000 workers. In total, at the national level, they recorded data of 49 deaths (+ 48.5%) in construction and 41 (+ 13.9%) in agriculture.

Various studies on accidents in the construction sector indicate that 80% of accidents are caused by errors in organization, planning and control, and that the remaining 20% are due to errors in execution. There is no doubt that the construction sector is characterized by high rates of occupational accidents but… could we avoid at least part of the accidents? What kind of risks are there?

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From the first moment that the execution process of any work or activity begins, it is essential to face any unforeseen risk. For this reason, at Australian Workplace Safety we want to do our bit to raise awareness, avoid and prevent accidents in the construction sector. The most common accidents are due to falls, cuts with tools, blows with materials, overexertion or poisoning.


Organization and order are essential in all works. In such a way that we can guarantee safe and accessible access and work areas. For example, materials should be safely stored, paths and crosswalks clean, stairs and scaffolding clear of obstacles.

Furthermore, as regards the assembly, disassembly and modification of scaffolds, they must be carried out by trained and trained personnel. They must ensure their safety and that of those people who will later work on said platforms.


The cuts and accidents with tools are very frequent. For this reason, the worker must always use the safety elements and the tools must be in correct conditions of use. Gloves, footwear and glasses are just some of the essential safety elements in construction.

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Vehicle Accidents

It is very likely that the work area will be traveled by special work vehicles. For this reason, in order to avoid accidents or run over, it is essential to have the different signaling elements in the stipulated areas and control pedestrian access. We must delimit and mark the “safe” spaces around cargo vehicles and machinery.


The blow from falling objects from height is another of the frequent accidents. Therefore, we must check the state of cables, hooks and scaffolding used to raise and lower material. In this sense, one of the basic rules is that no worker be under a load.


Workers must be trained on how to lift and handle loads safely, in order to prevent injuries from overexertion. In addition, the corporate must have the required mechanical equipment to facilitate the handling of loads.


When using chemical products, it is necessary for workers to previously know their characteristics and risks. In addition, they must be stored safely, they must never be mixed and they must always be correctly identified in their original container.

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In addition, in construction it is necessary that all workers use their personal protective equipment. Helmets, gloves and safety shoes or protective clothing are some of the essential and necessary elements for all professionals in this sector. To this we will add, for example, respiratory protection equipment in the case of handling dust or dangerous substances, or hearing protectors in the case of noise levels higher than 80 decibels.

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